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Increase Your Understanding of International Product Liability

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NorelidHolm Contributes Chapter to New Online Guide

In a globalized economy, product manufacturers export their products and source components to and from all corners of the world. Product liability issues are therefore by nature cross-border issues. This makes it crucial for all companies involved in global supply chains to have good working knowledge of product liability laws – not only in their own home countries, but also in other jurisdictions where their products and components may reach. Needless to say however, obtaining such knowledge may be easier said than done.

This is why NorelidHolm is proud to be co-author of the 2015 International Comparative Legal Guide to Product Liability, published by the Global Legal Group Ltd, London. This publication, now in its 13th edition, provides global analysis of product liability laws by leading local lawyers in 28 jurisdictions. All articles are presented in a user friendly Q&A-format, which enables anyone interested in these important issues to understand, compare and navigate the complex web of regulatory schemes across the globe.

So regardless of whether your business is manufacturing, supplying or insuring, and regardless of whether the issues you face are repair, recall or even litigation, there is now a useful tool to increase your understanding of international product liability.

The Swedish chapter, written by NorelidHolm’s insurance and reinsurance law team, can be downloaded here [PL15_Chapter-32_Sweden]

The entire guide can be accessed for free at http://www.iclg.co.uk/practice-areas/product-liability/product-liability-2015